PortaHome could change the way people live. At a time when both the cost of
building new homes and the costs of owning one have risen beyond the reach 
of many would-be purchasers. PortaHome by Fabricon in Pakistan is a fresh
approach to making homes that people can afford. Now Porta Home brings the
advantages of instant accommodations to domestic living. With over 25 years 
of experience of Pre-Fab construction and structural fabrications, when you
are investing in Portahome by Fabricon you are getting the same legendary 
fabrication quality with which our products are seen with great admiration and
respect in industrial circles and distinguish us from rest of the crowd.

The versatility of Porta Home Pre-fabricated buildings from FABRICON gives 
numerous possibilities in terms of both building size and layout.The portahome
portable building system is capable of providing a range of configurations with
a choice of interior layout to give your accommodation a truly up-class look and
feel not to mention the inherent features designed for a quality living.

 Walls are manufactured in factory complete with insulation and high class 
interior in teak finish complete with windows and provision for electrical fitting,
including vinyl carpets, kitchen and bathrooms, plumbing and water storage etc. 
thus ensuring a higher quality finish which is not possible in at-site construction.
Porta Home accommodation has been independently tested and proven in
numerous field installations and end users and are fully compliant with the
Building regulations and Standards, being a low rise building it is especially
suitable for earth quake prone areas and is fully earth quake resistant building.

Portahome is a division of Fabricon (Pvt.) Ltd